March 13-18

Because Presence Matters
Luke 24:13-35



OGM Week of Prayer Bulletin Insert

A printable bulletin insert with information about the Offering for Global Missions Week of Prayer, including tips for ways your church can support CBF field personnel through prayer and giving.

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Because Presence Matters Litany

Download this litany for use during a worship service during the Week of Prayer
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Week of Prayer Photos

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Week of Prayer Worship Guide

A worship guide intended for a private worship time as you engage with the prayer requests.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Download and print this frequently asked questions document to share with church members, missions committees or others who are interested in knowing the details of how the CBF Offering for Global Missions works.

Day 1

Global Church Prayer Requests

  • Ask God to use the presence of CBF field personnel around the globe to be an encouragement to local churches and followers of Jesus.
  • Thank God for the opportunities to be present with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world in ministry and worship.

Day 2

Global Poverty Prayer Requests

  • Ask God to use the long-term presence of CBF field personnel to bring relief, opportunity and hope to those experiencing poverty.
  • Ask God to provide all that is needed for CBF field personnel to be present and to seek economic justice on behalf of those who are in need.

Day 3

Global Migration Prayer Requests

  • Ask God to guide and strengthen CBF field personnel as they are present to those traveling the refugee highway.
  • Ask God to provide the necessary resources as CBF field personnel welcome displaced people and help them acclimate to their new environments.

Day 4

Cultivating Beloved Community Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the relationships CBF field personnel build as they are present in their respective communities.
  • Ask God to use CBF field personnel to proclaim God’s kingdom as they share life and hospitality with those around them.

Day 5

Bearing Witness Prayer Requests

  • Thank God that long-term presence of CBF field personnel allows for trust to build and opportunities to bear witness to Jesus Christ.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to lead CBF field personnel as they share the good news of Jesus Christ in ways that are culturally relevant.

Day 6

Seeking Transformational Development Prayer Requests

  • Pray for mutually transformative relationships as CBF field personnel are present to those seeking justice in broken systems of injustice.
  • Ask God to provide means and wisdom as CBF field personnel seek the welfare of those they are called to serve.