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The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is a Christian network of individuals and churches working together to spread the hope of Christ. Our diverse community includes partners all over the globe, and our fellowship supports a wide range of missions and ministries that give people meaningful opportunities to put their faith into action.

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  • Justo and Catherine González Resource Center, CBF host reception for new Columbia Seminary president

    By CBF Communications The Justo and Catherine González Resource Center, in partnership with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Latino Ministries, and FAMILIA network, hosted a reception of pastors, academics and leaders from various […]

  • An Island Away

    By Mike, CBF field personnel The islands in the country where we serve are developing at different rates. Some are very developed and in certain places you might find more advanced technologies than those to which you might be accustomed. Other […]

  • Reflecting on God’s goodness and greatness

    By Lita Sample Prayers are often said in hopes of asking God for something specific. Sometimes we pray for direction and a sometimes we ask for God to give us a word on what we need to do. This is what I prayed for months before our Easter Egg hunt. […]

  • New CBF resource encourages ‘Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus’

    Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus is a new resource from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship that calls us back to the central focus of our Christian faith—the Risen and Living Jesus! Continue reading →

  • Kathryn Gin Lum, Heathen: Religion & Race in American History

    I’m coming up on one of those high school anniversaries I don’t want to admit. And despite my denial of my age, a part of me also doesn’t like reminiscing about a period of my life filled with getting it wrong, not liking who I was, and […]