2019 FaithTalks


New for 2019, CBF will offer FaithTalks during the workshop sessions in Birmingham. FaithTalks, patterned after popular TEDTalks, are a way for people to share current issues and new ideas shaping CBF life. As the title implies, they relate to the undercurrent of our movement; the faith we have in Christ to lead us to do what often seems impossible, but is made possible through passion, love, ingenuity, discovery, understanding, and grace. FaithTalks are meant to remind us that God is always working to renew us. Join us as we explore the extraordinary abundance of knowledge we share as a Fellowship.

FaithTalks will be held at 1:30 on Friday, June 21st. There will be four different rooms that you may choose from. Each room is focused around a theme with three individual talks with the details listed below. In order for us to anticipate room size, please sign up for a session during the registration process. We are excited about this new opportunity at General Assembly and we hope to see you there!


Session Options

Healthy Churches

World Peace . . . One Joke at a Time
Birmingham Ballroom XIII
When we laugh with someone, whether it is a friend or a stranger, our worlds overlap for a tiny, but significant moment. It is then that our differences fade, our commonalities gleam forth, and the road to world peace starts to materialize before our eyes.
Susan Sparks, Senior Pastor, Madison Avenue Baptist Church, New York, NY

The Danger of a Single Story
Birmingham Ballroom XIII
Oscar Garcia shares about his experience growing up in Mexico, and why common perceptions of immigrants can create dangerous mental barriers to tolerance.
Oscar R Garcia, Parishioner, St. Stephens Catholic Chapel, Birmingham, AL

Raíces y Razones: Forming the Work of the Youth
Birmingham Ballroom XIII
Noise, everywhere, yearning for a listening ear. Cultural norms and standards, social expectations, emotional baggage, and developmental growth during our youth can not only be noisy, but pushes our teens to ask the question: who do I listen to? Where can I find a brave space to form into the person I am called to be? If only, if only, the Church would be that place...
Antonio Vargas, Associate Pastor, Church of the City, New London, CT

Racial Justice

Building an EmpowerWest Where You Are
East N (East Meeting Rooms)
In three short years, EmpowerWest has become a powerhouse for racial justice. You can build an EmpowerWest where you are!
Chris Sanders, Coordinator, EmpowerWest Louisville

Grace and Race - the God Connection
East N (East Meeting Rooms)
God's Grace is amazing! We can learn some important lessons to equip and empower us to become ambassadors for racial reconciliation. Let's put grace to work!
Brenda Girton-Mitchell, Founder and President, Grace and Race Ministries, Inc.

The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism
East N (East Meeting Rooms)
Reconciliation is a biblical word and all Christians should describe reconciliation across racial and ethnic lines. The problem is that people in the church often want to skip to the reconciliation part without going through very difficult narrative of racism that has divided the church for generations. In this address, we will explore the history of the American church’s complicity in racism. After a survey of the past we will arrive at the present with a sense of the “fierce urgency of now” and discuss a framework to practice racial justice today.
Jemar Tisby, Historian, Writer, and Historian; Jackson, MS

Thriving in Ministry

7 Reasons Your Student Needs Technology
East M (East Meeting Rooms)
You hear why your students should not be so online, but what are the advantages. Here are seven reasons why your students should be connected.
Jeremy Colliver, Minister of Communications, Missions, and Youth, Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, GA

Enabling Meaningful Senior Adult Ministries
East M (East Meeting Rooms)
Finding purpose and meaning in old age is important spiritual work. Opportunities for meaningful ministry help to nurture the ongoing spiritual formation of senior adults.
Sara Robb-Scott, Associate Pastor, Scott Boulevard Baptist Church, Decatur, GA

Vomit Under the Rug: The Hidden Guilt, Shame, and Stress of Special Needs Parents
East M (East Meeting Rooms)
Parenting a child who has autism or other special needs is difficult. Families often feel isolated and unwelcome within the church. How can faith communities companion this growing population and be a needed support?
Christy Edwards, CBF-endorsed Chaplain, Kansas City, MO

Global Missions

The Essential Nature of Spiritual Growth to Social Justice
Birmingham Ballroom I
Too many people involved in social justice believe all the right things about the world, but they get burned out, overwhelmed and angry after a few years of trying to make the world a better place. Our faith offers us a path to sustainability that is closely linked to the stages of spiritual growth.
Bill Stanfield, CEO, Metanoia Community Development Corporation

Hope is Not a Four-letter Word
Birmingham Ballroom I
Hope is not a belief that things can get better. Hope is putting your hands to the work of making things better. This is particularly true in areas of rural poverty. What does it mean to have hope in the face of generational poverty?
Jason Coker, CBF Field Coordinator for Mississippi

Finding Jesus in Slovakia
Birmingham Ballroom I
Sometimes we think we are bringing Jesus to a new place only to discover that Jesus was already there waiting to reveal himself to us in new ways.
Tanya Parks, CBF Field Personnel in Slovakia