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The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is a Christian network of individuals and churches working together to spread the hope of Christ. Our diverse community includes partners all over the globe, and our fellowship supports a wide range of missions and ministries that give people meaningful opportunities to put their faith into action.

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  • The war has ended. Our welcome must continue.

    By Grayson Hester After 20 years elapsed, scores of lives lost, and trillions of dollars spent, America’s longest war, staged primarily in Afghanistan, is over. The Pentagon heralded its conclusion, rather somberly, by tweeting a picture of a […]

  • Wanting More

    “If you want a definition of water, don’t ask a fish.” This was an ancient Chinese proverb included in John M. Bracke and Karen B. Tye’s book, Teaching the Bible in the Church. This proverb captivated me and helped me understand that I was […]

  • Michael Showalter, Director of The Eyes of Tammy Faye

    By Andy Hale We’ve all seen those hilarious Joel Osteen memes. You and I both know that our eyes rolled when we saw yet another book from Pat Robertson.  Yet another bewildering tweet from Franklin Graham has caused your blood to boil. And I have […]

  • I can’t take it anymore

    By Michelle Norman Each Tuesday, we gather our special authorization forms that enable us to travel the 10 minutes to the neighboring town to work at the food bank of the local Baptist Church. Without the authorization forms, we would not be […]

  • How to Have an Enemy: A Conversation with Rev. Melissa Florer-Bixler

    By Chris West  I recently had the chance to sit down (virtually) with Melissa Florer-Bixler to discuss her new book How to Have an Enemy: Righteous Anger & The Work of Peace.  Florer-Bixler is the pastor of a Mennonite congregation in Raleigh, […]