Affect is a downloadable resource designed as a missions education resource for adults.


Opportunities to Affect: Call to Fellowship

Wendy Joyner Peacock is pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Americus, Georgia. She also serves as moderator of CBF of Georgia.

November 2019 - In Small Groups
November 2019 - At Home: With Children
November 2019 - In Worship: A Litany


Opportunities to Affect: Abundant Life

CBF field personnel Mike Hutchinson befriended twin brothers Assou and Sevi Koulefionou after their father died. Now the boys learn skills and share abundant life at Togo House.

October 2019 - At Home: with Children
October 2019 - In Small Groups
October 2019 - At Church: Around the Table


Opportunities to Affect: Transformation in Togo

CBF field personnel Lynn and Mike Hutchinson share abundant life through the ministries of Togo House in Lomé, Togo, West Africa.

September 2019 - In Small Groups


Opportunities to Affect: Encourager Churches
CBF’s Encourager Church program helps build relationships between congregations and field personnel like Jon and Tanya Parks.

August 2019 - In Small Groups

JULY 2019

Opportunities to Affect: Slovakia Partnerships

CBF field personnel Dianne and Shane McNary broker partnerships between Roma Christians and Baptists in Slovakia.

July 2019 - In Small Groups

JUNE 2019

Opportunities to Affect: Community Relationships

Saint Armand Minos' garden was built with funds provided by a CBF church, in partnership with CBF field personnel Jenny Jenkins.

June 2019 - In Worship: A Litany
June 2019 - In Mission Study Groups
June 2019 - At Church: Around the Table

MAY 2019

Opportunities to Affect: Payday Lending

University Hope, a ministry of University Heights Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo., provides small rescue loans to people caught in the cycle of predatory lending.

May 2019 - In Small Groups
May 2019 - At Home: With Children

APRIL 2019

Opportunities to Affect: Food Insecurity
Pulaski Heights Baptist Church in Little Rock, Ark., formed the Friends and Neighbors Network (FANN) alternative food pantry, a model that preserves self-respect and builds relationships.

April 2019 - In Small Groups
April 2019 - At Home: With Children
April 2019 - In Worship: Missions Moment

MARCH 2019

Opportunities to Affect: Hurricane Recovery

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Cooperative Baptists responded to the needs of the Haiti neighborhood in Trenton, N.C.

March 2019 - In Small Groups


Opportunities to Affect: Collegiate Ministry

CBF North Carolina has made a significant long-term commitment to supporting collegiate ministry and campus ministers in the state.

February 2019 - In Small Groups
February 2019 - At Church: Around the Table
February 2019 - In Worship: A Children's Moment


Opportunities to Affect: Building a Home

Natalia Gura runs Emmanuel House, a private group home that cares for foster children in Radoviš, Macedonia.

January 2019 - In Worship: A Children's Moment
January 2019 - In Small Groups
January 2019 - In Worship: A Litany


Opportunities to Affect: Long-term Relationships

CBF field personnel Alicia and Jeff Lee serve in Skopje, Macedonia, through transformational development, foster care, a food bank, caring for special needs adults and more.

December 2018 - At Church: Around the Table
December 2018 - In Small Groups
December 2018 - In Worship: A Litany


Opportunities to Affect: Transforming Steps

The 2018-19 Prayers of the People focuses on Voices of Transformation and features reflections, insights and prayers from ministers, field personnel, chaplains, church starters and staff.

November 2018 - In Prayer


Opportunities to Affect: Community Health

CBF field personnel Jenny Jenkins ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of Délivrence Gédé and others in the community of Magandou, Haiti.

October 2018 - Small Groups
October 2018 - At Church: Around the Table
October 2018 - In Worship: A Litany


Opportunities to Affect: Long-term Relationships

CBF field personnel Jenny Jenkins lives and serves in Grand Goâve, Haiti, through medical, education and housing initiatives.

September 2018 - Small Groups
September 2018 - At Home: With Children
September 2018 - In Worship: A Litany


Opportunities to Affect: Scripture Translation

Pastor Greg Long is working to renew the Navajo language and culture through the Navajo Bible Translation Project.

August 2018 - In Worship: Children's Moment

JUNE 2018

Opportunities to Affect: Aiding Immigrants

Oakland Baptist Church partners with Puerta Abierta to help immigrants in Rock Hill, S.C., access vital legal assistance with naturalization, family-based immigration, temporary legal status, crimes of domestic violence and more.

June 2018 - Small Groups

MAY 2018

Opportunities to Affect: Unexpected Community

By listening and “being with” rather than “doing for,” staff and members of FBC Williams have taken a slow, steady and loving approach to building community in Chestnut Park.

May 2018 - In Worship: A Litany

APRIL 2018

Opportunities to Affect: Radical Hospitality

Bruce Hopson experienced Grace & Main’s radical hospitality and became a leader in their Roving Feast outings.

April 2018 - Small Groups
April 2018 - Around the Table
April 2018 - Litany

MARCH 2018

Opportunities to Affect: Beloved Community
Jessica Hearne cultivates Beloved Community by eating, praying, providing shelter, seeking justice and bearing witness to Christ through the work of Grace & Main Fellowship.

March 2018 - Around the Table
March 2018 - Small Groups


Opportunities to Affect: Disaster Response
Many CBF churches, field personnel and students from schools like Baylor University and Baptist University of the Americas have responded in the wake of recent hurricanes.

February 2018 - At Home with Children
February 2018 - Missions Moment


Opportunities to Affect: Partnerships with Purpose
Caitlyn Furr’s Student.Go internship with LUCHA Ministries strengthened CBF field personnel Greg and Sue Smiths’ efforts to provide holistic care to the Latino immigrant community in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

January 2018 - Around the Table
January 2018 - Litany


Opportunities to Affect: Refuge & Hope
Jacob and Esau Francis fled war in South Sudan as teens. Now they help other young refugees rebuild their lives at Refuge & Hope in Uganda, founded by Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel Jade and Shelah Acker.

December 2017 - Small Groups
December 2017 - Missions Litany


Opportunities to Affect: Impact of Welcoming
CBF field personnel Kim and Marc Wyatt serve immigrants and refugees at Welcome House in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

November 2017 - Small Groups
November 2017 - Prayer Experience Instructions
November 2017 - Around the Table
November 2017 - Missions Litany


Opportunities to Affect: Relief and Relationships
A devastating flood led to a partnership between Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, University Baptist Church, Broadmoor Baptist Church and the National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc.

October 2017 - Small Groups
October 2017 - Around the Table
October 2017 - Litany of Prayer


Opportunities to Affect: Beloved Community

CBF field personnel Kim and Marc Wyatt serve immigrants and refugees at Welcome House in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

September 2017 - Small Groups
September 2017 - Around the Table
September 2017 - Children's Moment