August 16-23, 2019

Kim and Marc Wyatt

Research Triangle, North Carolina

Kim and Marc serve among the immigrant and refugee populations of North Carolina’s capital, an eight-county region of approximately two million people. The Wyatts help connect resources and mobilize churches to welcome and love their international neighbors.

In 2015, they established Welcome House Raleigh, shaped by their previous ministries to refugees in Canada. Welcome House Raleigh is a temporary reception home for refugees who are resettling in the area that do not have a place to live upon arrival. Welcome House provides a safe home, settlement assistance and bridges into the community. Similar refugee ministries are now underway in Wilmington and Durham, N.C.

Pray for:

  • churches to develop a cross-cultural witness among internationals.
  • opportunities to share the Gospel in culturally relevant ways with refugees, immigrants, international students and trafficking victims.
  • friendship to grow in the grace and love of God.
  • cooperation among organizations that serve internationals.


Give justice to the weak and the orphan; maintain the right of the lowly and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
Psalm 82:3-4


August 16-23 Birthdays

16 Don McNeely, Emeritus (FP)
17 Susan Rogers, Jacksonville, FL (CST)
17 Anna Sample, 2001, San Francisco, CA (FPC)
18 Thomas Riley, Wilson, NC (CH)
18 Brickson Sam, Charlotte, NC (CST)
19 Kaela Ruble, 1998, Southeast Asia (FPC)
20 Joyce Cleary, Emeritus (FP)
20 Jim Ivey, New Albany, IN (CH)
20 Sharon Spivey, Wilmington, NC (CH)
21 Inetta Taylor-Shuetz, Lubbock, TX (CH)
21 Alice Tremaine, Corbin, KY (CH)
22 Daniel Hix, Maryville, TN (CH)
22 Ana Podgaisky, 2001, Ukraine (FPC)
22 William Thompson, Los Alamitos, CA (CH)
23 Mike Bumgarner, Norman, OK (CH)
23 Keith Little, New Bern, NC (CH)
23 Allen Williams, Emeritus (FP)


CH = Chaplain
CST = Church Starter
EP = Engagement Partner
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
S = CBF Staff Member