Career Field Service

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What is Career Field Service?

CBF Global Missions mobilizes field personnel to share the love and compassion of Jesus Christ in over 20 countries and regions around the world. Responding to God’s call and empowered by the Holy Spirit, field personnel cultivate beloved community, bear witness to Jesus Christ and seek transformational development among people who have been forgotten and forsaken by others. Our field personnel serve alongside congregations and local ministry partners within three primary contexts: global poverty, global migration and the global church.


Purpose & Structure

Career field service is intended to provide an avenue for long term presence required to develop cultural competency, gain communication fluency, and engage experientially in order to truly accompany those among whom we are called to minister.

Career Field Personnel relate together in regional teams that engender community, promote collegiality and foster accountability in their common work. They also participate in affinity groups that draw field personnel together from a variety of regions to focus on similar areas of competency in order to build their capacity in more specific communities of practice.

Field Personnel relate closely to the CBF constituency through “encourager church relationships” that serve both as a critical link between congregations and global engagement and as essential prayer and material support networks.

Our candidate selection process is multi-stepped and blends the collective experience and wisdom of years of global cross-cultural ministry. A cohort session will consist of individual and couples seeking to become CBF field personnel and is a requirement of candidacy.

The cohort process will be online lasting five weeks beginning at the end of August. Candidates who complete the cohort then have an initial interview with CBF Global Missions staff. Candidates are then eligible to be considered for invitation to an Exploratory Conference—in Atlanta where there are more interviews and screening of candidates.


How is Career Field Service Funded?

Financial support for career field personnel is made possible through the Offering for Global Missions (OGM) contributed to both by individuals and member churches. The OGM provides housing, salary and benefits to field personnel and their families. Each field unit is responsible for raising ministry funds for mission programming budgets from personal networks that include friends, family and organizations.


Current Opportunities

Note that not every opportunity will have a field appointment.

Europe – Marche Region, Italy: In partnership with the Evangelical Italian Baptist Union, this ministry placement involves primary engagement with the immigrant church in Civitanova as a springboard to facilitating broader outreach, discipleship and transformational development ministry among the immigrant population in the region.

Europe – Larnaca, Cyprus: Mental Health Educator will work in partnership with All4Aid in ministry to refugees and immigrants related to issues of Mental Health. The individual will also help in the development of Mental health educational processes/trainings related to refugee and migrant ministry.

Europe – Larnaca, Cyprus: Health Educator position is a partnership with All4Aid in ministry to refugees and immigrants related to issues of general health education. It will consist of the development of health educational processes/trainings related to refugee and migrant ministry.

USA – Houston: Area Coordinator of ministries and outreach to immigrants, migrants, refugees, asylees and others (human trafficking) in the greater Houston area.  In concert with local area churches, CBF partners and appropriate social service agencies, facilitate networking opportunities and training activities that encourage greater constituent engagement and advocacy for these marginalized groups.

Indonesia – Kupang, Timor Island: In conjunction with the Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches, this position involves the coordination and support of Community Health initiatives on Timor Island and the broader East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. One of the lesser developed areas of the region, this area is host to refugee populations and others challenged by exposure to tropical disease, lack of access to basic amenities and food scarcity. Candidates for this position will have the opportunity to engage a broad spectrum of partners and initiatives geared toward assessing and addressing public health concerns.

CBF support for Career Field Service includes:

Career Field Service Application Timeline

Application Timeline

  • All inquiries must be submitted by July 22, 2022.
  • Following inquiry submissions, all parties will be contacted for a conversation regarding field service interest.
  • Application link will be provided based on initial conversation with prospective candidates.
  • All applications must be submitted by August 3, 2022.
  • The 10-week online cohort begins August 15, 2022.

COVID vaccination is mandatory and proof of vaccination must be submitted to CBF no later than October 1, 2022 as a precondition for consideration to participate in the Exploratory Conference.

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