Dawnings invites your church to see the world and your ministry within it with fresh clarity and purpose. The rhythm of Dawnings helps your congregation develop skills through visioning, forming, and engaging that will transform how your church views its ministry and mission efforts. Are you and your church ready for spiritual renewal? Take the next step and discover how your church can embrace a new day through Dawnings?

Dawnings Retreats
The first step in the Dawnings process is participation in a Dawnings retreat. This retreat is done either regionally where multiple church leadership teams gather for a retreat or a single church Dawnings retreat. The participants receive an in-depth look at the Dawnings process and begin to experience the approach it offers.

Congregational Design Process
After participating in a retreat, churches lead an expanded congregational design team through an 11-session spiritual conversation. In each session, the team will engage in experiences and conversations that will energize the church in a new way and reform and even transform the ministries of the congregation.

Dawnings Bible Study Guide
This guide for small groups, Sunday School classes, or individuals provides a rhythm of daily and seasonal living that helps participants orient their personal lives to God’s dream for the world and their mission in it.

Amanecer (Dawnings in Spanish)
For Spanish-speaking congregations and individuals, all Dawnings materials are available in Spanish. Retreats with Spanish-speaking leaders provide churches with an in-depth look at the Dawnings process and the approach it offers.