Week of Prayer for
The Offering for Global Missions: Because Presence Matters

October 15-20, 2023 and March 10-15, 2024

Equipping…with Every Good Thing…
Hebrews 13:20

Secure a world map by using the computer or a printed copy to identify where CBF field personnel are serving. Print a copy of our Mission Distinctives which guides the work of Global Missions and which will give a full description and examples of the work of our field personnel. You can find a list of our field personnel, photos and links for more information at www.cbf.net/field-personnel.

Day 1 - Global Church

What is the Global Church? Ask an adult in your home what it means to them.

  • Pray for our field personnel serving in Japan who partner with local churches to offer training, teaching and preaching opportunities alongside internationals.
  • Pray for our field personnel in Barcelona, Spain, who engage local churches to connect with the non-believer community as well as welcoming migrants.
  • Do you go to a Global Church that welcomes people from outside the United States? Pray for the people you know that have moved to the United States.

Day 2 - Global Poverty

Look up the word poverty and see what it means. (f it’s confusing, ask an adult to explain it to you.) The world is full of people living in poverty. Many boys and girls don’t have enough food to eat nor does their family have enough money to pay all their bills. Our field personnel work with families to help them learn to read, learn working skills like gardening, and more.

  • Pray for our field personnel in Danville, Va, who work with rural communities addressing needs of housing, hunger, drug dependency and food insecurity.
  • Pray for those in Macedonia who partner with the local community to equip Albanians and others with farming techniques to produce food year-round for families and those experiencing hunger.
  • Pray for field personnel in Togo, West Africa and Haiti, pray for those who build health clinics and develop community health programs so everyone can live a healthy life.

Day 3 - Global Migration

Look up the word “migration” and see how many people are migrating in 2023.

Let’s pray for our field personnel who are welcoming people from other countries into their communities. Pray that new friendships are made and that children feel welcomed and not scared because of living in a new place.

Have you met new students at school that may have moved from another country? They may need a friend like you. Say a prayer that all students will meet new friends, feel welcomed and equipped to succeed.

  • Pray for our field personnel that serve to equip persons on the Texas/Mexico border.
  • Pray for those who welcome and advocate for migrants in Uganda.
  • Pray for those who educate and empower refugees to live self-sufficient lives in Louisville, Ky, Virginia and North Carolina, welcoming refugees into the community by addressing their spiritual, cultural and housing needs and offering hospitality.

Day 4 - Cultivating Beloved Community

What is a community? How many communities are you involved in (examples: school, church, scouts, swim team, etc.) What do you like about being a part of a community? Many people are lonely and don’t have a community to offer support.

  • Yesterday we prayed for refugees as they settle into new places; they are also looking for new communities where they can find friends.
  • Today, we pray for our field personnel in North Africa who work to build community with refugees that are in town hoping to find jobs. We pray for those in Belgium who host people for dinner so they can meet new friends and feel safe. We also pray for those in Fort Worth, Texas, who have been moved to the USA from the Middle East because of war and who are looking for friends.
  • Who at your school might need a friend? Pray for them too.

Day 5 - Bearing Witness to Jesus Christ

We share the love of Christ through our words and actions. What are ways you can show the love of Christ to your friends and those who are new in your school or community?

  • Pray for our field personnel who are sharing the love of Christ through their words and actions in California as they welcome those from many nations into their communities and as they impart love by sharing meals, introducing them to neighbors, and helping them understand the American system.
  • Pray for field personnel in Southeast Asia—as they welcome students to the university and to their home for meals and conversation.
  • How can you share the love of Christ with students in your communities?

Day 6 - Seeking Transformational Development

What does transformation mean? (Look up the definition.) Where have you seen transformation in your town/city?

  • Pray for field personnel in Florida, as they work to help people who don’t have enough food to eat.
  • Pray for those in Uganda, as they help those displaced by war to get an education and counseling.
  • Pray for field personnel in Cyprus as they work with refugees who need health education and a listening ear.
  • Pray for those in Lebanon who are experiencing poverty and hunger.
  • Pray for people in your town/city and around the world that they feel the love of Jesus and are filled with hope.