Crazy Cabbage Salad

Tina Boyles Bailey, CBF field personnel in Austria 

Thanks to your support of the Offering for Global Missions, Tina builds relationships with the arts community throughout Europe and welcomes refugees and immigrants to the table. #buildingbelovedcommunity #OfferingforGlobalMissions


Try a recipe from the Netherlands: 

Crazy Cabbage Salad

Half a head of green cabbage, sliced in small pieces

Half a glass of raisins

Small can of mandarin oranges

Tbsp or so of vinegar

Tbsp or so of sugar

Tsp or so of salad oil

Shake of salt.

 Fill a glass half-full with raisins; cover raisins with water. Wash & chop cabbage. Sprinkle with vinegar, sugar, salt, and oil to taste. Drain oranges. Drain raisins. Mix oranges and raisins with cabbage. Chill.

 Our daughters got this recipe from a Dutch Christian children’s magazine. It was the only cabbage salad they would eat.