Bahamas Disaster Response


CBF Disaster Response, in consultation with the BWA Forum for Aid and Development (BFAD), continues to work closely with CBF Bahamas and Florida to organize and implement an appropriate response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian on Grand Bahama and North Abaco. The Category 5 hurricane resulted in at least 65 deaths in The Bahamas, with 282 missing and 70,000 left homeless.

Since the storm struck the northwestern Bahamas over September 1-2, viable shipping options have been evaluated with several pallets of roofing materials, tools, equipment and generators having been delivered to facilitate initial recovery efforts among four CBF Bahamas church communities on Grand Bahama and another four located on North Abaco. Two special assistance teams coordinated by CBF Disaster Response have been organized to assist on North Abaco during November and December 2019.

As needed supplies remain in short supply in The Bahamas, additional materials continue to be purchased and shipped through donations to CBF Disaster Response. To coordinate these recovery efforts, as well as to provide post-disaster spiritual care ministry among the displaced, four Bahamian Local Response Coordinators have been contracted in addition to another coordinator who is organizing logistics from the US.



For CBF, response to the devastation on North Abaco and Grand Bahama is both a privilege and a challenge. With direct affiliation with CBF Florida, the eight affected CBF Bahamas church communities are part of our family. Among other factors, the challenge of this response effort is compounded by the extent of destruction, limited travel options and the shortage of building materials on both islands.

All volunteer teams planning to engage in the CBF Bahamas communities on North Abaco and Grand Bahama must

  1. Select a date and location of service , and
  2. pay a non-refundable $500 group registration fee that reserves the team’s place.
To allow for adequate time to order and ship necessary building materials, teams must register at least five weeks before they intend to travel to The Bahamas to engage in recovery assistance.


After the team has selected a date of service and paid the group registration fee, the team leader will receive in email with information and links for:

  • Individual member application, child protection training, and background check ($22 fee per person).
  • Purchase of disaster response materials and shipping ($3500 minimum per team).


What you need to know about CBF Disaster Response efforts on North Abaco (as of November 2019)
CBF Disaster Response and CBF Florida are currently assisting four CBF Bahamas church communities on North Abaco impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Although electricity and water utilities are being restored over much of the island, post-disaster conditions are still challenging and will require volunteer teams comprised of healthy, mature and adequately skilled individuals. Lodging is available in a guesthouse located at Wood Cay.
Download additional information, including recommendations for planning possible volunteer team engagement.

What you need to know about CBF Disaster Response efforts on Grand Bahama (as of November 2019)
Of four CBF Bahamas church communities located on Grand Bahama, two (McLean’s Town and Pelican Point) will require more time before recovery efforts can begin. Although rebuilding is expected to begin soon in the Freetown Community, initial efforts will be focused on Sweetings Cay where travel to the location requires, minimally, a 50-minute drive and 10-minute boat trip. To conserve time and travel budgets, it is recommended that volunteer teams stay at the Sweetings Cay church facilities during their week of service with food (please budget $10 per meal) provided by community members. With no electricity or other public utilities expected to be available for months, the church is using generators to provide power. Given these challenging conditions, members of recovery teams who will serve on Sweetings Cay should be healthy, mature and skilled.
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