Disaster Response – Michael


Port St. Joe

Port St. Joe, Florida is a small town of 3,500 on the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Michael, a strong Category 4 storm, pushed in a 13-foot storm surge that flooded the streets closest to St. Joseph Bay. The remainder of the town experienced damaged roofs and windows with huge trees toppled. The local high school is unusable and various businesses destroyed. The town is at the mercy of outside help because its main tax base - tourism as well as water and sewer bills - has been decimated.

With St. James Episcopal Church in Port St. Joe serving as a host site, volunteer teams are currently needed to muck out homes, clear property of debris as well as repair and rebuild roofs and homes.


Marianna (Jackson County) and adjoining areas

The force of Hurricane Michael – a Category 4 storm – only diminished slightly by the time it hit Marianna, Florida, 75 miles north of where the storm made landfall. Tens of thousands of homes and businesses were damaged in the inland counties of Jackson and Calhoun (Blountstown) as well as others. Widespread destruction of property was caused by high winds and fallen trees with some water damage reported as well.

Volunteer teams, to be hosted by Chipola Family Ministries in Marianna, are needed to cut downed trees, remove debris as well as repair and rebuild homes in and around Jackson County.



Please pray for families who have lost everything they own and first-responders who are giving everything they have to save lives. Pray for communities as they cope and as they heal.


We ask that churches and individuals provide financial support so that funds can be used locally to respond in the most effective way to meet needs. Please consider a gift to the CBF Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund here. CBF is not accepting donations of items as we have learned from experience that it is much more efficient and cost-effective to provide funds that allow Disaster Response personnel to procure supplies as needed.

If you prefer, you may also give by mailing a check payable to "CBF" to:

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
PO Box 102972
Atlanta, GA 30368-2972
*be sure to include "CBF Hurricane Response" in the memo line


See available opportunities for hurricane response. As search and rescue efforts give way to recovery, CBF will begin providing information and accepting registrations for volunteer teams.