Disaster Response – North Carolina


In the aftermath of historic flooding caused by Hurricane Florence in the eastern Carolinas, CBF Disaster Response personnel, leaders from CBF North Carolina and CBF South Carolina and local CBF churches have been assessing the damage.

Columbus County, in southeastern NC, is an under-resourced county that was still recovering from Hurricane Matthew (2016) when Hurricane Florence sent devastation throughout the county. Along with numerous swamps, the Lumber, Waccamaw and Cape Fear Rivers overflowed, flooding hundreds of homes.

CBF invites teams of volunteers to register to assist with the recovery in Columbus. The long-term recovery work in all sites will initially involve cleaning out homes and other property as well as the removal of drywall, flooring and other water-damaged materials.

Recovery efforts in all locations are being carried out in partnership with CBF North Carolina, with local churches providing lodging for volunteer teams. The host church for the Columbus County, NC effort is First Baptist, Whiteville.

For anyone interested in volunteering in Columbus, complete the volunteer application form below:

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Latest News


October was a busy month CBF and CBF NC in Columbus County, North Carolina. Two teams entered the county to help with recovery efforts over the span of 10 days.

The first group from Monte Vista Baptist Church in Maryville, TN returned for their third trip to Columbus County. The group of four volunteers served and completed much needed repairs for four days. CBF has been serving this same woman over the past year to complete repairs to her home.

Thirty-six staff and students from Georgia Tech's Christian Campus Fellowship arrived on CoCo to work at several different sites over a 2-day period. CBF and CBFNC partnered with Methodist Disaster Relief (MDR) and Men and Women United for Youth and Families (MWUYF) to help serve several families affected by the storm in Crusoe Island. In addition, CBF volunteers partnered with MDR to prepare the home for construction and coordinate housing for groups coming to serve on CoCo.

Todd Padgett, CBF Disaster Response Local Coordinators stated, “These groups, as always, were shown wonderful hospitality by Whiteville First Baptist Church (FBCW). This church community has many times gone out of their way opening their facilities help house teams and provide wonderful meals. We are grateful for their on-going ministry to help the residents of Columbus County recover from Hurricane Matthew and Florence. There are still over 200 families needing assistance with recovery in Columbus County and the number is growing daily. CBF and CBFNC are serving together to continue the partnership with First Baptist, MWUYF and MDR by sending teams to Columbus County.”

Volunteer Application Form

  • Thank you for your interest in serving with CBF Disaster Response. This application will provide information about you, your interests and availability for service, and a release waiver required of all individuals serving with CBF. If you are a team leader, please make sure that each member of your team also completes this application before your time of service.
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