Disaster Response – Sally


Dumping more than two feet of rain over much of the western Florida Panhandle on September 16, 2020, Hurricane Sally, a Category 2 storm, left a trail of damage for the residents of Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa counties.

CBF Disaster Response Hurricane Sally recovery efforts are focused on communities along Garcon Point in Santa Rosa County, particularly the Dickerson City neighborhood where dozens of properties were damaged, including many households with inadequate insurance. CBF is requesting its network to pray and contribute towards needs stretching along the Gulf Coast.

Volunteers are also invited to register to assist with recovery efforts in the Florida Panhandle. Due to COVID-19 concerns, response will be conducted along the following guidelines: https://cbf.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Guidelines-for-CBF-Disaster-Response-Volunteers-During-the-COVID2.pdf

Volunteers should be prepared to assist with property cleanup, removal of flood- and wind-damaged materials, and related repairs. Volunteer teams will be responsible for handling their own lodging and food arrangements.

More information can be obtained from the CBF Disaster Response Manager (DR@cbf.net) and Kenny Phillips, CBF Florida’s Volunteer Disaster Response Coordinator.

Additionally, with many of the affected properties suffering significant water damage, CBF Disaster Response is inviting congregations and nearby state CBF organizations to assemble and deliver Cleanup Bucket Kits to assist with recovery needs.

Prayer Requests for the initial Hurricane Sally response:

  • Pray for families who have suffered significant property damage from the storm, especially those with limited resources and insurance.
  • Pray for Kenny Phillips, the CBF Florida Volunteer Disaster Response Coordinator, as he follows up with households needing recovery assistance.
  • Pray that volunteer teams will respond safely, particularly during this time of COVID-19.