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Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael, the strongest hurricane on record to strike the Florida Panhandle, made landfall on October 10, 2018. With severe impact from the Gulf of Mexico to eastern Virginia, the storm caused coastal flooding and massive wind damage throughout much of northwest Florida. Recovery of property and other assets is expected to take years.

In cooperation with CBF Florida, CBF Disaster Response is coordinating recovery efforts in two Florida Panhandle locations: coastal Port St. Joe and the inland Marianna/Jackson County area.

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Hurricane Florence

In the aftermath of historic flooding caused by Hurricane Florence in the eastern Carolinas, CBF Disaster Response personnel, leaders from CBF North Carolina and CBF South Carolina and local CBF churches have been assessing the damage.

One location that CBF is engaging is Trenton, N.C. This multi-racial rural community of 300 experienced severe flooding with more than 90 percent of homes, businesses and churches damaged.

Columbus County, in southeastern NC, is an under-resourced county that was still recovering from Hurricane Matthew (2016) when Hurricane Florence sent devastation throughout the county. Along with numerous swamps, the Lumber, Waccamaw and Cape Fear Rivers overflowed, flooding hundreds of homes.

CBF invites teams of volunteers to register to assist with the recovery in Trenton. The long-term recovery work initially involves cleaning out homes and other property as well as removal of drywall, flooring, and other water-damaged materials. In Trenton, after 11/15/2018, we are requesting teams to help repair homes including installing drywall, sub-floors, and flooring. You are encouraged to bring your own tools and equipment trailers for this work, but not required.

Recovery efforts in both locations are being carried out in partnership with CBF North and South Carolina with local churches providing lodging for volunteer teams.

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CBF Disaster Response is requesting financial gifts to support the response efforts to Hurricane Florence. Churches and individuals wanting to contribute to Hurricane Florence Disaster Response can give online here. If you prefer, you may also give by mailing a check payable to “CBF” to:

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
PO Box 102972
Atlanta, GA 30368-2972
*be sure to include “Hurricane Florence response” in the memo line

North Carolina

The Hurricane Florence response page has information about volunteering in North Carolina.

Jacksonville, Florida

Our Hurricane Irma response page has information about volunteering in Northern Florida.

Florida Panhandle

Information about Hurricane Michael response in Port St. Joe and Marianna.

Puerto Rico

The Hurricane Maria response page has information about volunteering in Puerto Rico.



In keeping with CBF’s focus on long-term impact, CBF disaster response participates in networks seeking to help communities after a devastating event, but employs most of its resources on the long-term recovery, rehabilitation and resiliency of a community after first-responders have finished their work. This takes time and planning.

CBF will work with state and regional organizations, the federal emergency management agency, the national voluntary organizations active in disasters (VOAD), as well as other local and national partners, including friends in the North American Baptist Fellowship, in any response.




Please pray for families who have lost everything they own and first-responders who are giving everything they have to save lives. Pray for communities as they cope and as they heal.


We ask that churches and individuals provide financial support so that funds can be used locally to respond in the most effective way to meet needs. Please consider a gift to the CBF Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund here. CBF is not accepting donations of items as we have learned from experience that it is much more efficient and cost-effective to provide funds that allow Disaster Response personnel to procure supplies as needed.



CBF is grateful for those wishing to serve in communities after a devastating event. Before applying to serve, please take a moment to review the available opportunities for service and consider where your gifts or the gifts of your team can best match a need on the ground. As additional specific opportunities to serve become available, we will update this site with information. Please check back regularly to find new opportunities of service that might match your gifts and availability.


Supplemental Insurance - If your insurance does not cover where you are going or what you are doing for your Disaster Response volunteering, we recommend you purchase this supplemental insurance:

Domestic: http://missionshield.com/policies/

International: http://www.fellowshiptravel.org

About CBF Disaster Response


CBF Disaster Response exists to equip Christians and churches to serve communities affected by disaster.

Responding appropriately during a time of crisis is vital. Disasters follow a life cycle that begins with Mitigation, which is directly working to prevent future emergencies. Preparedness includes plans we make in advance to help prepare a community be ready. Disaster Response is all the actions taken during the midst of, and immediately following an emergency. Recovery is what happens after damage has been assessed and involves the actions to return the community to their pre-disaster state or even better.