Eastern NC Barbeque Chicken

Anna and LaCount Anderson, CBF field personnel in Eastern North Carolina 

Anna Anderson serves with her husband, LaCount, in addressing systemic poverty, particularly through providing healthy foods to the community, in northeastern North Carolina.  #global poverty #aplaceatthetable.  (See the recipe for Eastern North Carolina Barbeque Chicken.)

Eastern North Carolina Style Barbecued Chicken

Note from Anna Anderson: This is a typical way of grilling chicken or pork in the eastern part of North Carolina, where vinegar-based barbecue is the standard. In central and western North Carolina, barbecue is made with a tomato-based sauce. 


Four chicken leg quarters

Vinegar-based BBQ sauce (George’s is a local favorite brand from Rocky Mount, NC.)

Marinate chicken quarters in iced salt water overnight. Cook over charcoal grill at 350 degrees, cooking on hot side of grill six minutes each side. Move to cool side of grill to finish cooking. Baste (each time) with sauce as chicken is turned every 15 minutes or so until the temperature of chicken reaches 165 degrees. Takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.