Consider how Scripture reveals God’s plan for all of humanity—male and female together—to serve God’s people.

A 4-session video and curriculum resource for all ages to help your church articulate the biblical and theological basis for affirming the calling of women and nurture a culture that more fully welcomes their leadership.

Available in age-graded formats for Adults, Youth and Children


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4


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Adult Curriculum

4-session curriculum for adults
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Children's Curriculum

4-session curriculum for children
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Youth Curriculum

4-session curriculum for youth
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Individual Study Guide

Study for individuals
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What's Next?

Ideas for taking next steps
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Spanish Language Resources

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Lecciones Para Adultos

Plan de estudios de 4 sesiones para adultos
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Lecciones Para Ninos

Plan de estudios de 4 sesiones para niños
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Lecciones Para Jovenes

Plan de estudios de 4 sesiones para jóvenes
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Guia de Recursos

plan de estudios para individuos
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Y Ahora Que

Ideas para dar los próximos pasos
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