Global Service Corps

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What is the Global Service Corps program (GSC)?

The Dick and Jesmarie Hurst Global Service Corps (GSC) is a two-year mission apprenticeship that provides an opportunity for graduates (under 30 years of age) and post-career (60 years of age and over) to: go and work alongside seasoned career Field Personnel & partners in over 20 countries; serve in a context that enables both giving and receiving of gifts; grow in their understanding and experience of how God is at work in the world.

Go, Serve, Grow.



Purpose & Structure

The GSC program provides opportunities for individuals to meet strategic field needs and make significant contributions CBF Global Missions using their specific skills, background, and abilities. Assignments are on the basis of a two-year appointment and provide valuable experience that can serve as a bridge to career field service for individuals seeking confirmation of their missions calling.

This program is resourced using a partnership model where GSC personnel will be responsible for developing relationships with partners who invest both financially and through prayer support. In addition to both training and field support, CBF Global Missions provides a health benefits package for all GSC personnel.

GSC Identity and Role

Members of the Global Service Corps are appointed volunteer personnel whose assignment is generally related to the ongoing ministries of career personnel. Serving to fulfill a specific need or project-related function through an apprenticeship model, GSC personnel relate to and participate alongside other members of CBF field teams.

What does GSC provides?

Global Service Corps volunteers are responsible for raising a modest stipend that will cover basic living expenses and housing costs associated with their particular assignment.