The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is managed under the direction and authority of the Governing Board, which provides fiscal and legal oversight to the Fellowship. The Governing Board is comprised 16 members, including the Moderator-Elect, Moderator, Immediate Past Moderator and the Recorder. Members of the Governing Board are selected by the Nominating Committee and elected by the General Assembly.

The Missions Council and Ministries Council serve as advisory bodies to the CBF Governing Board. In this role, the Ministries Council collaborates with individuals from throughout CBF to identify, develop and deploy the assets of the Fellowship, and the Missions Council provides vision and strategy to CBF’s mission enterprise.

For additional information about CBF’s governance structure, please see the CBF Constitution and Bylaws. Below you will find directories of current members of the Governing Board, Ministries Council, Missions Council and Nominating Committee: