The purpose of the Dr. Emmanuel McCall Racial Justice and Leadership Initiative is to create avenues for God's imperfect church to move toward meaningful unity between racially diverse communities.



Systemic Racism and bigotry are deeply rooted and on full display in the United States. The recent tragic murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and countless others are reminders that America’s Original Sin still permeates society in the form of police brutality, mass incarceration, and inequitable public education. Certainly, this moment requires more from us as a church and as a nation. CBF is committed to long-term racial justice and repair work. We must be willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of personal growth and for the sake of our Gospel witness.


Racial Justice Resources

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Trailblazer Award


The Emmanuel McCall Racial Equity Fund

The Emmanuel McCall Racial Equity Fund will support the work of the Fellowship by:
  • Increasing diversity and inclusion work led by CBF Global staff and the Pan African Koinonia, formerly known as CBF’s African American Network
  • Initiating intentional spiritual and leadership development opportunities for Black members of CBF
  • Fostering partnerships in CBF state and regional organizations to increase diversity
  • Developing and distributing diversity, equity, and inclusion resources for CBF churches
  • Developing and distributing racial justice resources for CBF churches
  • Initiating repair work opportunities for CBF Global, CBF state and regional organizations and local churches with and for the Black community, including social enterprise opportunities, micro lending initiatives, a rescue loan program and targeted scholarships for seminarians and Black college partners. These partners include Arkansas Baptist College and Simmons College of Kentucky.

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The Rev. Dr. Emmanuel McCall is a trailblazer who has spent much of his life working for racial justice – as a student, denominational leader, pastor, author and scholar. Additional highlights of McCall’s impact are available via YouTube.


McCall Advisory Board Committee

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel McCall – Georgia

Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church East Point, GA

Rev. Dr. Preston Clegg – Arkansas

Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR

Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby – Kentucky

President of Simmons College in Louisville, KY & Senior Pastor of St. Stephen Church, Louisville, KY

Rev. Dr. Daynette Snead – North Carolina

Chair, Racial Equity and Justice Ministry Team for CBF North Carolina

Rev. Heather Mustain – Texas

Minister of Missions and Advocacy, Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

K Scarry – Northern Virginia

Community Director of The People’s Supper and a member of First Baptist Church, Herndon, Va.

Rev. Kimberlee Payton Jones, Esq. – Georgia




Pan-African Koinonia
(formerly African American Network)

The purpose of Pan African Koinonia is to cultivate an increased presence of Black individuals and churches throughout CBF life.  We believe to accomplish our purpose CBF must be intentional in both planning and implementation.