Mission Bite #100: Fighting Predatory Lending

Predatory payday lending is one of the greatest injustices the financially desperate face in America. Payday loans promise a rapid economic solution while creating drowning debt.

Fortunately, individuals like Scarlette Jasper, a CBF field personnel, are working to put an end to this abuse. Scarlette has served for many years in various parts of Kentucky as an advocate for her struggling neighbors. She puts her faith into action by facilitating group workshops, offering individualized financial training to help with budgeting and other financial management skills, and partnering with Together for Hope to warn of the entrapment of payday loans. If that were not enough, she is also engineering a micro-loan program to provide a financial alternative for families.

Scarlette is an example of what it is to walk with Christ and others. Her work not only helps those economically disadvantaged, but it professes the love of Jesus in tangible ways.