Mission Bite #109: True freedom in Christ

"We spend a lot of our time with people from a Muslim background. They come from all over the Middle East and North Africa to find refuge, hope and a future in Belgium.

By the time they arrive in Europe, many of them have even abandoned their Muslim faith, believing God cannot exist since people are killing each other in their homelands.

That is where we come in…we love to tell our new friends about Jesus, the Son of God who is God. He is our refuge, hope and future!

Recently, we were visiting in the home of a young family from Iraq. I sat and listened as the wife told me about the hardships of her life in the Middle East and the freedom she has not only found in Belgium, but in Christ. She smiled when she said her favorite moment was writing 'Christian' in the line designated for religion on her son’s school form.

There is true freedom in Christ!"

Janée Angel, CBF field personnel in Antwerp, Belgium