Mission Bite #110: “Better” is what transformation work is all about

I asked her, "Why do you come out here before you go to your paying job every day to work in this garden? You're consistent, dependable and we're always able to count on you to know what the needs are out here."

"It's important work I do in this garden," she said. "People can get this food that they might not be able to otherwise."

When part of your ministry is growing fresh food and making sure people in the community are able to access it, lives can be changed for better. Better health, better availability, better options, better futures. And "better" is what transformation work is all about.

Pray for workers like this woman, who sees the great need and wants to learn how to use what she has to help meet that need for others.

- Anna Anderson, CBF field personnel serving in Conetoe, North Carolina