Mission Bite #111: What church is really about

"We recently had an opportunity to visit an international church that meets just a few subway stops away from our neighborhood. We thought it would be good to sing songs and hear a sermon in English.

While it was nice to meet other Westerners, and our daughter Juniper definitely enjoyed English Sunday school, we really missed our Chinese brothers and sisters that we normally meet with each Sunday. Even though our Chinese fellowship is in another language (which is certainly a challenge), we really feel that we can worship and grow in our faith with our Chinese church family.

Church is about more than singing and hearing sermons. It is about the beloved community of believers coming together to share the love and transformation of God in our lives and the world. We are thankful to have the opportunity to witness God's love through our Chinese fellowship.

We are so glad that after a year of being here, we have such close bonds with our Chinese church. We are amazed at how it feels like returning home to be back with our Chinese brothers and sisters each Sunday."

- Brittney and Casey Ramirez, field personnel serving in Chengdu, China