Mission Bite #113: Evidence of God’s powerful work

These are 13 shelter graduates who are a part of a leadership cohort, a follow-up program of the shelter, which offers further mentoring and development opportunities. These women have emerged as leaders in their families and communities.

Grace is one of the members of this cohort. When she was 18 years old, she and her 7-year-old sister were homeless and without a place to go. Though they tried for many months to survive, they continued to struggle and came to the verge of suicide. Her sister asked her if they could try going to an organization one more time. This organization referred her to us and she and her sister immediately entered our shelter.

Today, Grace is now 22 years old and is working full time, which allows her to provide for herself and young sister. She has also just completed her first year of university in Business Administration.

Grace, like many graduates, has developed a passion for sharing what God has done in her life with her community. She is now a translator and leader in her church choir. She has also developed an outreach program through her church to minister among other vulnerable and homeless refugee women. Her life is one of many powerful testimonies of God's powerful work through our shelter program.

- Missy Ward-Angalla, CBF field personnel in Kampala, Uganda