Mission Bite #118: Icing on the Cake

I recently received an invitation to tutor high school aged students in music, which is different than my long-time adult based literacy ministry with an age requirement of 18 and over.

For years, my goal has been to work with adults who need to learn to read or speak English or pass a high school equivalency test. This new opportunity sort of feels like icing on the cake, so to speak, and it has been such fun!

Everyone should have the chance to sing. So much of my worship comes from praising God through song.

I have a 15 year history of teaching vocal music prior to my current position in the mission field, so it comes naturally to me to work with young people who are learning to sing.

I thank God for this new opportunity, and encourage others to welcome new ministry opportunities as they come. You never know…it may feel like icing on the cake!

- Diann Berry, CBF field personnel in Rio Grande Valley, Texas