Mission Bite #119: Beloved community in an unexpected place

Mentoring inmates through art-making is one of the ways I live out the presence of Christ in community. I assist programs in both the men's and women’s prisons. The women are inspirational and a delight to work with. Simply delivering new art supplies for them to use is met with delight and gratefulness.

Even though life is not easy, they try to make the best of their time and are so thankful. I truly love mentoring them. As Jesus said, "When I was in prison you visited me...when you did it to the least of these you did it to me."

We create beloved community in many ways. For me this is the heart of what it means to be the presence of Christ: presence, time, and energy given out of love. A beloved community in an unexpected place.

At the request of the warden I initiated a beautification effort in the prison through creating large wall murals. The first was completed in early October. Four of the Narwastu Art Community students who are from Serbia joined in and taught the women how to properly create a large-scale mural. Currently the women are painting murals in the visit area.

- Tina Bailey, field personnel in Bali, Indonesia