Mission Bite #120: “True Life”

Sonat had been a 13 year old boy when CBF field personnel came to his village to learn his language. Later, a Korean CBF partner church provided scholarship funds for Sonat and some of his friends to become some of the first college graduates from the “B" people group.

While in college, Sonat and those friends helped with the Bible translation, although he did not fully trust Christ until after the New Testament was printed in 2015. The New Testament, pictured above, is titled "True Life," since there are no words for "Bible" or "New Testament" in the B language.

More recently, the tiny B church decided to dub the Jesus Film into their language. Sonat was very excited. In a recent text to CBF field personnel, he wrote:

“Over the past few days I’ve helped with the Jesus Film recording. I’ve been amazed, feeling the power of God at work during the recording. God has helped us to read our lines with emotion, like real actors. That’s hard for us, since none of us have done anything like this before. But God has been with us all the way.”

Please pray for Sonat and the other B people, both Christians and pre-Christians, as they finish the Jesus Film recording.

- Field personnel serving in Southeast Asia