Mission Bite #122: The cake is delicious!

We met Peter's family when we were informed that he was in need of a scholarship. His teachers praised his work and encouraged him to further his education beyond the required 9th grade. Peter is a smart, charming and personable guy.

His parents wanted him to continue too. The problem was that his dad had just been laid off from work. They had funds to get him started, but were not sure about the future.

In cooperation with his parents, we worked out to have funds available from a local partner to reimburse Peter for any school expenses his parents needed help with.

Three years later, Peter graduated. He is rightly proud of his success and shares with us his joy.

Today I am in the town where Peter now works. I am preparing to lead a Bible study in the village where he grew up. I go to the coffee shop where Peter has been employed for a couple of years now. He greets me with his signature smile and warm handshake.

Peter delivers the coffee I ordered. "How much?" I ask. "Nothing, Shane. For you, nothing." And then he returns with a cake, "It is wonderful. Enjoy it."

Now I have to enjoy (without tears) the success and hospitality of a precious, successful friend. The cake is delicious!

- Shane McNary, field personnel serving in Slovakia