Mission Bite #126: Time Together

On Monday, we had our first women’s Bible study after a two-week hiatus. Sickness, travel, work schedules and school holiday all contributed to our break from our weekly time together.

As we joined together, I heard some amazing comments from the women:

“I am glad we have this time together, I need it and I miss it when I cannot come. It is becoming evident to me that I need time in community with other believers to help me be who God wants me to be.”

“This time encourages me so much. I always know I will walk away with a good perspective to begin the week.”

“My husband told me he can’t wait to hear what we learn today. In fact, every week he asks what we are learning and we have great discussions together about it. We are learning so much!”

Another responded a few days later, “I have been thinking about what we talked about since our Bible Study. I am really struck by the discussion and I it gave me an interesting perspective to share with a friend as we had coffee together.”

I also noticed something more this week. I am becoming aware of how much the women have grown in their personal faith and understanding of who God is through our Bible study. They are actively engaging the Biblical text, thinking critically about what they are reading. They are considering historical and cultural contexts and they are considering what the scripture means for them in their daily lives. They are encouraging one another in their Christian journey and they are sharing what they are learning with others.

This is the essence of our ministry in Spain. It is small. It is slow. It is the walking alongside others as they discover more of who God is and God’s great love for them. Thanks be to God!

- Michelle Norman, CBF field personnel serving in Barcelona, Spain