Mission Bite #130: Beauty in Partnership

The beauty of partnership is the unexpected moments that God provides in collaborative ministry. This month it took the form of a worshiper at a service to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.

A group consisting of Japan Baptist Convention friends, exchange students from Rwanda who study under a JBC missionary, and myself who led the service, expected that Japanese Baptists connected to the Rwandan ministry and host church members would join to reflect and pray for peace. However, it was the attendance of a survivor of the genocide which provided us with the unexpected.

Following worship, he shared about seeing his mother killed on the first day of the 100-day tragedy, growing up in Europe, and his fear of returning with his family to live in Rwanda.

His presence helped us all to reach new levels of insight and empathy about the tragedy and the future.

- Carson Foushee, CBF field personnel serving in Japan