Mission Bite #135: Common Cause

Through a deep friendship with the Istanbul Cultural Center in Atlanta, this past fall, we were asked by our Muslim friends if they could come to Heritage Baptist Church and hold a bake and craft sale in our fellowship hall following worship. The money made would go toward humanitarian relief efforts in their native Turkey. The Sunday they were here was during our emphasis on the Offering for Global Missions. Our visitors were struck by stories of CBF field personnel all over the world and the work that they are doing.

Fast forward several months, and our friends ask us again if they can come and set up a bake and craft sale, but this time, they want the money raised to go toward one of our missions ministries. It just so happened that Missy Ward-Angalla, CBF field personnel in Uganda, was coming to visit us in just a few weeks. Our Muslim friends were thrilled and eager to give funds to Missy’s ministry. It was a beautiful sight, Muslims and Christians uniting around the common cause of compassion.

- Zeke Stephenson, Minister of Youth and Missions, Heritage Baptist Church, Cartersville, GA