Mission Bite #138: Your Will Be Done

During a conversation with Ira from our home Bible study group she mentioned, "If Victoria, my best friend who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, dies of cancer, I will loose my faith!" Victoria is in her early 40s and the mother of five, two of which are under age 6. "I cannot understand how God could allow Victoria to die. It is not fair! She is such a nice lady and has brought so many to Christ!"

Gennady and I explained that in the Bible we read that God can heal every sickness. We read that Jesus healed many but not all. Yes, we pray with faith for healing, but also with humility to accept a 'no' to our prayer requests. Gennady explained to Ira that "every human being will die; we live in a sinful world and the consequences of sin is death." She agreed and I explained, "we live for Christ, and to die is gain. Our husband or children cannot become more important than our love for God."

Gennady taught Ira the stages of grief. Ira could point out that she was in the bargaining stage. "If God answers this request, then..." We hold hands, cry, pray with faith and close our prayer, "...not our will but yours be done, Amen."

- Mina Podgaisky, CBF field personnel serving in Kiev, Ukraine