Mission Bite #145: Blessed are the merciful

At the Women’s center, there is an Armenian woman in her eighties who comes to get a food package every six weeks. She doesn’t attend any of the meetings, but either asks her neighbors to get the package or walks to the center if she can.

She has two children. Her son has AIDS and recently underwent an operation. Her daughter used to help her mother and brother, giving them some cash to buy a few things. The Armenian Club pays for their utilities, and she gets a little additional help from the Red Cross and similar organizations.

She called recently, and told me that they don’t have any food at home—she has nothing to feed her son who still lives with her. I asked her to join me at the center the next day. She came with a neighbor, a young boy who would help her to carry the food package. She looked in a terrible condition. I gave her the food package, and she shared with me that they recently discovered that her daughter has cancer and is going through treatment.

The whole situation is very hard, one of poverty, AIDS, and now cancer. My heart went out to her. I helped a little with some cash, but it wasn’t much at all.

I’m praying for her and for mercy. Please remember her in your prayers.

Blessed are the merciful.

- Maha Boulos, CBF field personnel serving in Beirut, Lebanon