Mission Bite #151: Nevertheless Welcome

She has a small child holding her hand. She is ready to deliver child number two in a couple of months. She has made her way to the border in hopes of asylum escaping the violence of her home country.

Stranded in a strange city with nowhere to go, she is rejected by multiple shelters. She hears of a church that may help. “Please, Pastor. I just need a place to sleep safely.” The small church already maxed out serving meals and providing shelter for displaced people has no room. But there are other churches!

Calls are made. Shelter is found. It is temporary, nevertheless welcome. Our brothers and sisters on the other side of the border are emptying coffers, utilizing space, heating up kitchens, calling on volunteers, coordinating efforts, as they welcome the strangers who have arrived on their doorstep. Ask God to provide daily for the needs of those who have sought respite within their walls. Pray for wisdom for leaders—church, civic, and national—as they seek solutions to a continuing crisis of displaced people.

-Butch and Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel serving in Houston, Texas