Mission Bite #155: Give What You Have

D., an American Christian in her 70’s and recently widowed takes violin lessons. She loves to play the old hymns, but has never played much in public before. She is a member of the First Baptist Church where the Persian church meets.

Recently, D. volunteered to play her violin in the Persian Church’s worship service. In the process of preparing for D. to play, I realized that she would be an answer to prayer to find a way to introduce old hymns into the Persian worship service. The translation of these hymns (some 130 of them) was completed years ago by missionaries in Iran. For the most part they are not being used in the Persian Churches. They are a valuable Persian resource “lying on the shelf.”

D. is up for the challenge—one hymn per month.

This is a message to all of us—an example of the power of the Lord at work through a willing servant. I am reminded of the feeding of the 5,000. Like the little boy, D. has offered her “lunch." She gave what she had and the Lord is multiplying her investment in a significant way.

- Pat, CBF field personnel among Persian speakers (Afghan, Iranian & Tajik) in the United States