Mission Bite #157: The Color of Community

This Summer, I had the pleasure to serve in North Charleston, S.C., at Metanoia, and the role I played in the community is not nearly as significant as the impact it left on me through the intentional community my colleagues consistently created.

The only thing on my mind when I first arrived to Metanoia was the next chapter in life. I just graduated from Chowan University and was excited to continue my studies at McAfee School of Theology. During orientation my site supervisors opened up the floor for us to voice our thoughts as we began the summer. Being given that space allowed me to fully acknowledge that I was living for the future and ignoring the gift of the present. With that, I was able to stop and be present where I was.

If I went through the summer only thinking of the next chapter, I would have missed out on so many things. The relationships I built with the office staff, the bonds I created with our scholars, and the friendships I established with my fellow interns. My site supervisors, Stacy and Jamilla, served as great mentors, teaching me how critical it is to be a significant leader in a community as a Black woman. I am forever grateful for the addition to my colorful community.

-Amber Cunningham, Student.Go Intern at Metanoia, North Charleston, S.C.