Mission Bite #158: Breaking Down the Wall

I watched as N. entered the Persian church, He was a quiet. older Iranian man, and he was in "church" for the first time. He had one of those “How did I get myself in this situation” expressions that translates across cultures. He had accepted the invitation and ride from his neighbor—one of the Iranian Christians who attends regularly. N. joined for our small Bible study. The focus that day was the story of Blind Bartimaeus. I introduced the story to them and we read it together in Persian.

N. did not appear to understand. He did not respond. I sensed that I was overwhelming him.The wall between us was massive. I served tea to open things up, and at the end of the study things were a little better but N. still seemed uncomfortable as he headed into the Persian worship service.

After the service I saw N. again. He was a changed person, smiling from ear to ear. He smiled at me and kept repeating to me in Farsi, “Thank you, thank you." What a transformation. Something had happened in the service and the wall was gone! Blasted away by the Holy Spirit.

This made my day. The Lord Jesus (who asks Bartimaeus in the Bible story. “What do you want me to do for you?”) had answered that question for N. His need had been met. I could see it by the light shining in his eyes.

-CBF field personnel among Persian speakers