Mission Bite #159: Share Abundant Life this Christmas!

Show a friend or family member how much you care this Christmas season. Give them a gift from the new CBF Gift Catalog. You’ll not only honor your loved one, but will share the love of Christ in tangible ways with someone in need. You can select gifts at a variety of price ranges, types and from different parts of the world. All the gifts support specific programs of CBF field personnel serving around the world.

Your gift, no matter the size, will make a big impact in someone’s life. Just $25 will provide a whole box of food to feed a woman in Lebanon for a month. $50 will give a Winter Compassion Kit of a coat, hat, gloves and other necessities for a person living in homelessness in rural Kentucky. Your Sunday School class can even pool your holiday money and purchase a cow for a rural pastor in Macedonia.

In addition to your generous gift, 25% of each purchase will go to the Offering for Global Missions to support the CBF field personnel who make these life-changing ministries possible.

With each gift, you’ll have the opportunity to download and print a free card to give to the person you are honoring. All purchases from the gift catalog are completely tax deductible.

Your gift will make a real and lasting difference in the world. Give your gift of love today at www.cbf.net/giftcatalog!