Mission Bite #170: The Intangible is More Important

As a CBF Engagement Partner, a major goal of Cultivate Abundance is to saturate the Florida farmworker town of Immokalee with nutritious food.

In 2019, we and our partners grew, collected and shared 56 varieties of fruit and vegetables amounting to 6,207 pounds of produce, adding up to 18,474 food servings and benefiting more than 400 clients. Although we kept records, other blessings can't be calculated.

We have no idea how many conversations took place between gardeners or how many friendships were established. Also immeasurable is the depth of spiritual connection that occurs when people work the soil with their hands, watch plants grow and harvest the bounty.

For us, the intangible is more important than the measurable.

-Rick Burnette, CBF field personnel, domestic disaster response and farmworker ministry, Florida