Mission Bite #171: God’s Love

While you cannot see his face, he is one of the cutest children you will ever meet, but he requires a buddy to watch him all the time. When I would tell people they need to watch him or he’ll start to get into the crafts or something like that, they usually thought it was cute or no big deal. But, next thing you know, he's got rocks and is throwing them at people. So yes, S. needed one-on-one care.

Throughout my summer, it was more or less a battle to see if I could keep S. entertained long enough so he didn't hurt himself or hurt others. And what got me every time is how happy he was to see me and how sad he looked when I left.

I believe that S. will grow out of his toddler phase, and my prayer for him is that he understands that he is loved. He is loved by his community and he is loved by God.

Interacting with S. has given me more insight on God. While I do love S., there are days when it was hard to love S. The idea that God loves each of us just as much on our worst days and on our best days will never cease to astound me. Not only does God love us through our high and lows, but God loves every person as much as the next.

-Naomi Black, 2019 Student.Go intern at Welcome House, Raleigh, N.C.