Mission Bite #174: The Right Place

The ministry house in Antwerp, Belgium, has been renovated into a lively place of worship. However, the laws change so quickly here that we were unaware that we needed new paperwork when we bought the building. In order to get the proper permit, we must fill in mounds of paperwork which use complicated Dutch architectural language. We have found plans and city letters from 1910, 1947, 1948, 1965, 1968. These all should answer the original questions that the city had about our building in their attempts to stop our permit process. They said we needed to prove the location of the stairs before 1979 and we have done that back to 1910. Praise God!

As Janée and Leen (her Belgian ministry partner) work on the large Dutch-language application and meet with the police and the city offices, pray that this permit will come in 2020!

-Janée Angel, among the Arabic speaking community, Antwerp, Belgium