Mission Bite #175: Collecting Currency

Along the Central American migrant route, one 14-year-old boy chose not to think about all he was leaving behind—the house where he was born, his four older siblings, his grandmother, his school and friends. And the death threats, fear of walking in his neighborhood, and constant harassment from gangs.

Denis collected coins and colorful bills from each country along the way. “I want to remember the good things, not the bad,” he said. Collecting currency provided a distraction, something else to focus on, and took away some of the pain of leaving. We often forget that those who seek asylum are human beings like us. They’re moms and dads and kids, desperate for safety and security and stability.

Dear God, we pray for those who are seeking asylum; for those in shelters with their lives on hold; for those in the U.S. awaiting court dates. May they feel Your Presence to help ease the loneliness and pain of loss.

-Sue and Greg Smith, Ministry with Latino Immigrants, Fredericksburg, Va.