Mission Bite #200: Practicing Holistic Community

For the last 20 years, Together for Hope (TFH) has worked in rural America with partners who have at times felt isolated in the work that they do. We’ve walked alongside them in their holistic work, learned best practices for engagement, and worked with many of you in rural communities from South Carolina to South Dakota.

Over 3/4 of the land in the US is considered rural (see map). Almost all of CBF’s churches are within an hour of a rural space and many are within a couple of hours of a community of persistent rural poverty.

As TFH expands our coalition of nonprofits, churches, and individuals who are practicing holistic community development, there are opportunities for folks like you to create relationships. How many rural spaces are near you? What ways can you engage in walking alongside those who live in those rural spaces? Much of my work is helping people find the answers to these questions. Please pray for the Together for Hope coalition partners as they work to create a bright future for rural communities throughout the United States.

-Stephanie Vance, Together for Hope Manager, Athens, Ala.