Mission Bite #217: From Friendship to Partnership

Partnership is a very important word in the life of a missionary. When you hitch yourself to a friend in ministry endeavors, you never know where that connection will take you. We met Rev. Joyner 10 years ago when we had begun to meet with some community leaders in an attempt to start conversations about friendship and building relationships among people of different races and ethnicities.

Now some 10 years later, we have been personally involved in a ministry he began through gardening, home and building repair, food distribution, and more. Churches and individuals have volunteered in the organization called Conetoe Family Life Center.

Friends have participated month after month in helping a particular food program targeted at low income senior adults. We have seen so many people become more aware of particular rural poverty through just beginning a friendship that led to a connection that led to a partnership.

We are reminded over and over again how we need one another to accomplish anything in this work. And we're all working towards a common goal. We want people to know that someone cares about them. We are so grateful for partnerships.

-Anna Anderson, CBF Field personnel in Rocky Mount, North Carolina