Mission Bite #223: Discovering Needs

Mission service today takes many forms for CBF field personnel.

Greg Smith provides immigration legal services to migrants and refugees as a way of sharing Christ’s love and concern for them. When immigrant populations were disproportionally affected by COVID-19, he made the decision to provide pro bono services to all of his 62 clients. And during December, each local client family received a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables and gifts for the children.

As we help people with work permits, residency, or citizenship, we often discover other needs: hunger, crisis assistance, or simply the need for someone to listen and pray with them.

Dear God, we give thanks for the opportunity to serve wherever we are placed. We pray for the many migrants and refugees who work hard to fit into their adopted country. We ask you to show each of us how we can also share Christ’s love with them.

-Sue Smith, CBF field personnel serving in Fredericksburg, Virginia