Mission Bite #226: Ministry Encouragement

Rose is a refugee who came to Lebanon more than 2 years ago.

In a voice message from her last week, she asked for help with some medicine for her blood pressure. She shared with me that she was running out of medicine and that her blood pressure was high. I told her that her doctor needs to recommend another medicine if hers is not available in pharmacies. She said that the next appointment at the free of charge clinic would be in more than two weeks, so I volunteered to ask my doctor what she should do. He responded quickly, got her medicine changed, and is following up with her blood pressure for free.

She sent me a message thanking me for the effort and said that we, the ministry, have not only assisted them with food packages and medicine, but also taught them how to understand the Bible and learn about what the Lord did for us. Even as Christians, they never used to open their Bible or understand much about it but now they have come to understand the gift of God and God's grace of redemption. She also shared that we have been an excellent example in support and giving.

We praise the Lord for people like Rose who encourage us in our ministry.

-Chaouki and Maha Boulos, CBF field personnel serving in Lebanon and Middle East