Mission Bite #231: You Don’t Have To Do It

"I just appreciate y'all doing this for us so much. I know you don't have to do it, but it sure does mean a lot to me and to all of us who need this food. Please pray for us. We're trying not to get sick."

I thought when she told me this how true her statement was "you don't have to do it". No we don't have to do it. She's right. We are all compelled and motivated by different things, but this particular part of the work we do feels most urgent now, most important. Food insecurity is real, it's a part of life for so many people who live in this country. For our little part in trying to help alleviate a small piece of that insecurity, I give thanks. Thanks for partnerships like The Food Bank of central and eastern North Carolina. Partnerships like The Conetoe Family Life Center. Partnerships like the regular volunteers who say, "let me help you."

-Anna and LaCount Anderson, serving in North Carolina