Mission Bite #29

Our Church is pleased to support CBF Global Missions in moments like these where bearing witness to Jesus Christ takes form through reaching international students with daily Christ-centered action.

"For 17 days in February, we hosted a delightful group of 13 international students from China. We said 'grace' before our meals at home. After a few days, one of the young men staying with us had cooked some Chinese food for our dinner. We were talking about how excited we were to start eating and he said, 'Wait, aren't we going to say grace first?' So we believe that our Christian witness in word and deed made an impact. They asked many questions about church and about God and our prayer is that as they return to China to finish their education, select their career, and establish families, that thoughts of Jesus will come to their minds and that their hearts will turn toward God."

- Lita and Rick Sample, CBF field personnel in Fremont, Calif.