Mission Bite #30

Our Church is pleased to support CBF Global Missions in moments like these where bearing witness to Jesus Christ takes form through lessons that connect nutritional health and faith.

"Recently in our various children's and mothers' groups we talked about something that might seem spiritually irrelevant: good nutrition. What foods should we eat more of, and what should we eat less of? Through simple games and activities, we're giving these families tools to make better decisions about what they put into their bodies.

Is this mission work? Does Jesus care what we eat? Absolutely -- remember the times he fed crowds of people who were hungry? And remember that Paul said our bodies are temples to care for? It's a simple way to remind these children that God cares about more than just their souls -- God loves all of us. Jesus came so that we could go to heaven, but also so that we could live 'life to the full' here and now."

- Jon and Tanya Parks, CBF field personnel in Slovakia